Color Consultations

Color Swatches

The right colors can make a room come alive! But selecting just the right shades is a challenge for most homeowners. Luckily, Stylish Spaces Redecorating® offers "We Make Color Easy" home consultations. This system is based on The Dewey Color System® — the world's only validated, color-based personality testing instrument.

Your Certified Dewey Color Consultant will begin with an inventory of your favorite colors, exploring those that you're instantly drawn to and make you feel good. Then, you'll learn why these "comfort colors" appeal to you. Perhaps the colors you see in nature soothe you, or vibrant colors give you energy and inspiration. We'll help you understand how color creates mood and feeling, and how incorporating these colors into your rooms will make your home a true reflection of you! After your color assessment, you'll receive expert color recommendations for your home's paint, fabrics, and accessories.

Once your color palette is established, we'll analyze your space and design a plan for your decor, walls, and accessories. We'll address your concerns and provide the perfect color combinations so you can create rooms that make you happy to come home. We'll give you the confidence to try new colors without the fear of making an expensive color mistake. We'll even leave you with paint chips, fabric, and accessory color swatches so you can shop with confidence!

Call today to schedule your color consultation. The right colors are waiting to transform you and your home!